There are two common reasons why a person prefers to go to an urgent loan, instead of a bank: for the amount or an emergency. But this does not mean that immediate loans are always related to some calamity, as many clients who receive these services for the first time with serious entities, prefer this alternative over a bank’s offers.

So that a bad experience does not happen, if it is the first time that you request a credit service without a bureau, you need to take into account certain recommendations that can make a difference. Consider that in general these types of loans do not ask for any commitment from you, so they do not ask for any score or bureau to access the credit, which makes them the best option for small repairs, paying fines, medical emergencies, etc. .

What to expect from these credits

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The reality is that they provide many facilities, as companies that provide this type of service are always willing to risk losing money, because in reality there is nothing that holds you to pay. However, they have measures to protect their assets, so you should not trust that nothing will happen if you do not fulfill your responsibility.

“A wolf disguised as a sheep”

The most dangerous of these credits without a bureau, are the companies that irregularly grant them, so it is necessary to ensure that you are in the right place. The best way to know is to know your reputation and what people think in the different media. Check if the company has a review in a newspaper or newsletter, the comments it has on its social networks and how they manage its website.

Those who actually engage in this with total transparency are very dedicated when designing their portals, so if you see the effort and also the interaction of users in it, you can be sure that you are not in any danger. On the other hand, it is important that you look at the amount they offer, since no entity that provides these financial services will do so for astronomically high amounts.

Beware of paying to get the money

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Many entities that operate irregularly, condition the delivery of credits without a bureau, to an advance payment of, generally, 6% of the amount that has been requested, justifying it as administrative and management expenses. After this, they begin to “bag” the loan saying that it is still in approval.

This is where you begin to notice that something is wrong, since the usual thing in immediate loans is that they grant loans in less than 24 hours and when this does not happen it is clear that there are several irregularities. And how to claim? If you discover that in the end there were only a couple of people posing as a “serious entity”

Without dazzling

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The money-raising operators always have characteristics that usually dazzle people who reach them by any means of transmission. It is very important that you do not rely on advertising that hints at very low interest rates for really high loans. All entities that work legitimately in the country comply with very clear specifications that the State requires in order to function.

Review the entities that should regulate these companies and confirm that if they are registered, such as with the Financial Superintendence of Colombia, and so you can make a completely reliable decision. In this way if any irregularity arises, you will have a place to go to file a more formal complaint and where they can help you solve your problem.

Go to Ian Crisologotos

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Taking into account the previous four points and seeing that many people can go through situations that make them have a negative perception of credits without a bureau, Ian Crisologotos was created as a completely reliable platform in which anyone, regardless of whether they do not have A score, bureau or positive credit history, you can access some of the financial services detailed on the page.

With Ian Crisologotos you can:

  • Enjoy credits without the slightest worry.

  • Have an answer in less than 24 hours for the approval of the service.

  • Zero paperwork, without long paperwork or rows ..

  • A quality service wherever you want, when you want to be totally virtual.

As you can see in the content of this article the problem is not in the loan model or the characteristics of the same, but in the entities that have illegally defrauded the trust of many people, that in view of a need or trouble, They went to take a totally illegal service, where they lost money making advance payments to dispose of the money and some who gave detailed information of their bank accounts and were victims of theft and fraud.

So keep in mind again:

  • Go only to institutions that are authorized to provide these services and that can be supervised if any problem arises.

  • Compare options in order to identify which ones are real and which ones are a fraud, according to the previous guidelines.

  • Your personal information must always be protected by the Data Protection Law of Colombian regulations. Ian Crisologotos takes special care in this, so he has a special section on security in which you can answer all your questions. Remember that to untrustworthy sites, bank or credit card information should not be delivered.

That the emergency does not make you lose your mind. Ian Crisologotos is the best option if you are looking for loans without a bureau.