In general, all people in their daily lives carry out different activities that involve commercial exchanges. These can be exchanges of essential elements such as food, or exchanges of consumer goods that allow small tastes like new clothes. Because of this, we wanted to collect some of the activities in which the consumer credits that our users have requested the most have been invested.

Keep in mind that this is only a small list of what we have been able to decipher from the behavior of our clients, and that it does not mean that this type of loan can be used or invested only for this. As the name implies, consumer loans allow you to purchase any product or service you want, without any conditions regarding the use of the credit, an aspect that does present other types of loans such as vehicle or mortgage loans.

If you want to invest in any consumer credit in our online platform, we invite you to know some of the most frequent uses we have found in the behavior of Colombian trade:

Purchase of mobile devices: Given that cell phones are constantly changing and their design and applications are modernized, people are often looking to acquire a newer one than they currently own. This is very important considering that the way we interact with others is changing as technology advances, both personally and professionally. In addition, since at this moment it is not conceivable to run out of mobile phones, at Drogaras Mondras we make loans that are in line with the average value of a cell phone.


money savings

Although sometimes it may not seem like it, many people look for the opportunity to travel at any free time they have, and in order to do so they need to get the money that allows them to “get away” to a nearby resting destination. Accessing consumer loans allows them the opportunity to meet new places or to return to those who earned a place in their hearts because of the good weather, the friendly people and their gastronomy. In Drogaras Mondras we can help you to make short trips, granting loans that do not exceed 900 thousand pesos, so that those vacations you deserve can be given without spending too much.

Purchase of miscellaneous items:

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Many times we are craving something we cannot buy and we look for ways to do it by borrowing money while the payroll payment arrives and with it, the possibility of returning the money. These purchases are usually focused on particular tastes that the consumer has, that is, they can be invested in clothes, in their relatives, to buy a particular piece of furniture that may be needed in the house, some electronic equipment, an appliance, in finish. There is no need to limit your budget and less when you have the support of Drogaras Mondras. Remember that with these credits you can invest in whatever you want, without limitations.

Payment of debts:

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Sometimes, in an emergency, we usually borrow money from close people who do not always have the best intentions. This is why it is much more expensive to pay the favor of someone in particular, instead of opting for other alternatives. It is also very feasible to acquire debts for forgetting to pay for services or any invoice that we have pending such as cell phone, television, ppv, etc. We all know that these payments do not wait and we must resolve them in record time, so the Drogaras Mondras platform guarantees us immediate consumer loans and offers us a very good option in the face of adversity.

Although these are only 4 of the many options you can have to invest your money, at Drogaras Mondras we want to recommend responsible spending. Remember that in the end it is money that you will have to pay, but hopefully you can invest it satisfactorily. Define your priorities before making a final decision and buy what is really necessary. Our platform is designed to be a solution to your financial problems and therefore you must take charge of your finances so that this does not become a problem in the future.

Finally, at Drogaras Mondras we have a model of pre-approval and immediate approval consumer credits, so you won’t have to wait more than 24 hours to know if you can count on our service. Additionally, we offer many discounts and benefits for using our platform and having good payment behavior. Remember that for us it is much more important to be a viable and safe alternative for your needs or tastes, so we have a little restrictive policy regarding your status in risk centers, since our platform defines more than 500 variables to give the “ approved ”of the credit to each of our users.